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Removing MKV engine cover 2.0T FSI

I had a little issue today that I had to troubleshoot, so I took some pics. I think there's some general directions, but here's details with pics:

1. Unclip the two metal clips.
2. Unclip the MAF sensor and pull out of the way.
3. Undo the air intake or undo the clip right behind the box area.
X. Pull. Cuss. Repeat. After a few attempts, pull harder and wiggle cover out.

2.0T FSI Engine Cover

These are the mount points (4 of them) on the engine. If there are any rubber pieces on the posts, pull them off and put them in the cover before re-assy.

2.0T FSI Engine Cover

And here's the underside of the cover showing the mount points:

2.0T FSI Engine Cover

Right after the cover comes off, locate all 4 rubber pieces. I lost the front passenger side, and it went under the intake. That was so much fun trying to find it!!!!

Anyway, hope that helps everyone that needs to get under that fancy plastic cover
Here is a picture of the F version of the rail pump that people are wondering about:

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"X. Pull. Cuss. Repeat. After a few attempts, pull harder and wiggle cover out."

if that ain't the truth! awe vent boost gauge installed, hardest part was getting the engine cover off. nothing like checking deviantspeed at 10pm in the dark to see if they have some pictures/howtos to help finish an install :)

i swear, if i ever meet a vw engineer i'm kicking him straight in the nuts.

flipp (not verified) | Sat, 2007-06-02 15:55

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