2005 Passat Variant Diesel

We bought a 2005 Passat Variant TDi on 6/24/2005. Couldn't wait for the months it would take for a MKV Jetta TDi, and the new B6 Passat won't have an initial TDi option, or a Variant (Wagon) version.

diesel passat wagon variant

So what will a stock 134hp and 247 lbs-ft be able to do? Diesel even? Well, with a 100% stock engine, we put down 116hp to the wheels on a dynojet. Not bad for a few free runs. Now we have to get the rpm pickup so we can get the torque readings.

flik rims on passat

Check out the Badgeless Grill Install Writeup. This was just added on 7/20

B6 2006 Passats were sighted on arrival to Las Vegas, NV on 7/27!!

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