2006 Jetta, GTI, GLI 2.0T FSI

Swankmonkey Racing's 2006 VW Jetta GLI 2.0T FSI

Welcome to the world of the VW 2.0T FSI (Direct Injection) Engine found in the new Jetta, GTI, and the Audi A3 and A4.

Here it is, we have acquired a new 2006 Jetta GLI:

Swankmonkey Street/Race Modified 2006 GLI

Swankmonkey Street/Race Modified 2006 GLI
VW brings it's new 2.0T FSI engine stateside. The engine is a turbocharged, and uses diesel-like direct injection technology. Gas is basically squirted at high pressure directly into the combustion chamber. This actually creates a more efficient engine that generates more power, and rates with greater MPG in testing. The engine produces 200 hp and the torque of 207lb-ft is available as early as 1,800 rpms. Our Jetta GLI is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission. The DSG gearbox is an option, it's a dual clutch automatic that shifts faster than a manual. We are old school enthusiasts, so the 6MT gearbox was perfectly fine!.
night exposure of the gli/gti
night exposure of the gli/gti

Let's look at the navigation to get started. We'll be updating information as it's available. There's already a lot for this MKV generation, information overload will happen soon!

* Neuspeed Sport Springs
* DRL Disable
* Remote controlled windows
* Euroswitch
* GIAC FX chip


Spark Plug info:
I did some research to see if there were listing for the stock plugs to be replaced. I stumbled upon the Autolite 3923 plug. A "one step cooler" plug is the 3922. That cross-references NGK's BKR7E copper plug. Stock is .032 from the source I looked up. There are also reports of good results with the ultra expensive bosch F5DP0R plugs.

Should I be worried about the fuel pump I have? I have a 2006.5, don't I have the new pump?
You may have the new F pump which may be required for chipping or a turbo kit. The only way to tell for sure is to remove the engine cover and see which pump you have! text

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