2008 VW Diesel News

What is happening to the VW TDi's that are available in the USA? They are going away, but what does the future hold?

New emissions regulations called Tier II Bin 5, combined with new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel delays, have put a halt to any announcements or hopes for a 2007 VW equipped with a diesel engine. Green Car Congress states, Tier 2 Bin 5 is the “50-state diesel” standard—matching California requirements—for light duty vehicles. Part of the problem here has been the high sulfur content in our fuels, and the distribution of the new and much cleaner ULSD diesel. VW has "dubbed" the last of the PD diesels here with a special "Diesel Edition" that will be a late model year 2006 VW.

The new diesel is supposed to be redesigned for the USA market. As far as facts, they are far and few between, but found this quote, "Wegehaupt said all-new common-rail diesel technology will be forthcoming on the New Beetle for calendar-year 2008. He said the new 2.0-liter diesel engine is estimated to deliver 140 horsepower and more than 200 pound-feet of torque while meeting tougher U.S. regulations."

So a New Diesel in a New Beetle, NDNB anyone? It is safe to assume that the next model to flow into would be the Jetta. Now what about the Golf/Rabbit platform? There has been much speculation and want for this chassis in a diesel model. There have also been sightings around the AZ/NV area of test mules that sport the new TDi engine.

Hopefully VW will announce the new models soon. I for one will welcome a Rabbit or Golf TDI with 6MT, 4Motion, and cloth heated seats.

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