2008 VW Jetta Diesels - Where is the new TDI?

So there have been rumors and discussions about the new 2008 VW Jetta Diesel models and their release dates. With the advent of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and new emissions standards, VW was forced to create a new clean diesel engine for the USA Market.

The latest information stated a release of April 2008. However this has been even further delayed. According to Adrian Hallmark in a letter to it's dealer network, the new TDI's will not be released until late Summer of 2008. This is attributed to what is described as a technical or emissions issue with the downstream exhaust.

So there you have it. Late summer to me is October 1, 2008. Add in dealer markups and limited initial availability, and you probably won't be able to buy one until 12 months later. My prediction will be sometime in October of 2009 for when the average consumer will be able to purchase one.

As with all things VW related, don't hold them to these dates. Things change and they change rapidly. Hopefully they can bring the car to market soon, as a common rail diesel with 140hp sounds very tempting!


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