Coilover Suspension Installation - 2005 Subaru WRX STi

Coilover Suspension Installation for the 2005 Subaru STi
On 1/29 we will be installing our Tein Flex Coilover Suspension. The suspension on the 2005 model STi is redesigned, so a new strut or coilover is required. 2004 STi or wrx suspension will not install in the 2005 STi. We will be having an install party, and will be doing an awesome writeup!

Stay tuned for all the details. If you are curious, you might want to check out a previous JIC coilover install that we did on a RX8 when it first came out:
RX8 Coilover Install I'm sure you will like what we put up for the STi. We will also be installing the EDFC controller, too. I've done this on the old 2002 WRX, it's easy, but it will also be a learning experience for those that come over!

Ok, we'll break this install down into two parts. This first section will be pics of when I did the espiler spring installation.

The red Espiler springs fresh out of the box.

Rear seat cushion and backing removed for access to the rear top hats.

The lower seat cusion removed, the back still attached. This shows 1 of 3 mounting positions for the rear backing.

Another picture of the rear assembly removed.

After you remove the rear seat, you will have access to the rear suspension top bolts. These can be a pain to remove. As a tip, remove the rear seat belt holders, or use a flex joint with a medium deep socket.

Rear shock assembly with Espiler spring next to it for comparison.

Disassembled Rear shock assembly with Espiler spring next to it for comparison.

Assembled rear shock ready for installation on the STi.

Front assembled shock assembly with coil spring compressors still attached.

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