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Airbox modifications on our RX8 - MAF Descreening

Ok, boredom set in one night, so I ripped apart the airbox in search of an easy modification on the RX8. So is this a free performance mod? You can be the judge of that! Let's get started: You simply undo the clamp on the rubber piece that leads to the throttle body (DBW). Undo the two clips at the front of the airbox, open a bit, and lift up and back on the airbox. It comes out as a solid piece (hinges in the back)

Inside the RX8 Airbox  A closer look at the MAF screen  Looking down the barrel of the MAF

Turns out that the MAF in the car uses two very restrictive screen. One before the MAF wire, and one after. Also look at the baffle plates next to the MAF. They are held in by a single screw. You'll notice a big venturi before the first screen starts. We didn't want to remove this to improve airflow into the intake. But the venture can be removed, it's a friction fit over 3 tabs, and a screwdriver made short work of removing it.

Venturi removed  Removing the first screen

Now you have an option. We chose to leave the trailing screen on, and just start the test with just the first one removed. If you want to remove the second one, there are 3 screws holding the rest of the tube one. Although I didn't remove it, I'm sure it will come out easily. Here you can see the stock setup without the venturi/screen, and then with the venturi back on. It just pops back on.

Venturi removed  de-screened venturi

Don't forget to take the side baffles out! It's easier if you do this first, then work on the venturi screens! (notice we did it first, the hint is the second picure shows the first MAF screen).

Right side baffle removed  Left side baffle removed

We did an ecu reset, then set the DSC with the car key in the ON position, but not running. Turn the wheel all the way right, then all the way left. The DSC light should go out. Refer to the Owner's Manual on how to set the DSC after the battery is unplugged.

Opinions will vary on a mod like this. I'm still testing, so I'm going to refrain from giving any comments except for one: I'm sure this mod will make Mazda Engineers scream and cuss ;)

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