Lighting - Bulbs H11, H9 - Swankmonkey Racing's 2004 Mazda RX8

It took a while to find some quality H9 (High Beams), and H11 (Fog Lights) Bulbs for the RX8. We need these bulbs for the main halogens on the Xenon equipped RX8:

  • Fog Lights: H11 55W
  • High Beams: H9 65W

I finally found on the web. They offered some good options for H11 Bulbs for the car. I emailed the contact on the website, and within about 30 minutes, we started exhanging emails. He could indeed get the hard to find H9's high beams in a whiter color than stock, so it was on! [As of this writing, the H9's are now listed on the website]

I settled on the AdvancedOptik Bulbs in the Yellow Ion Flavor for the Fogs. I have had great sucess with the Philips All Weather bulbs in my old cars, and rain/fog performance is much better than a straight white bulb (Can't find the Philips anywhere in an H11 yet). The AdvancedOptik Yellow Ion bulb was the final decision for the fog light replacement bulbs. Also offers the Fog replacement in a matching Xenon match H11 bulb.

The high beams on the car are very yellow in comparison to the factory HID's. The choice here was clear. Although the H9's are not listed on the website, they had them in the Xenon match bulbs. Sold!

These pics do not show the yellow bulbs very well. They are more of a yellow that has a bit of purple at different angles. Very clean and NOT ricey! I'll have to get some pics during the day time or dusk, so you can see the contrast better. I just used my digi-cam and did not correct the color at all:

And the High Beams are extra bright and white. More importantly, they actually match the factory HID's:

Here is a complete list of bulbs for the USDM RX8:

  • Fog Lights: H11 55W
  • High Beams: H9 65W
  • Low Beams (non-xenon): H7 55W
  • Low Beams (xenon only): D2S 35W
  • Front and rear turn signals: WY21W 21W
  • Parking Lights/License Light: W5W 5W
  • Front Side Markers: 194 3.8W
  • Hi-mount Brake Light, Reverse Light: W21W(7440) 21W
  • Brake/Tail Lights: W21/5W 21/5W
  • Rear side markers: integrated led lights, non-service

I really do need to get some better pics soon to show how amazing these lights really are!

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