Suspension, coilvers, springs, shocks - Swankmonkey Racing's 2004 Mazda RX8

We've converted spring rates to lb-in ratings so you can do a fair comparison of the different products out there. Some manufacturer rates are in kg/mm or Nm/mm or other odd rates. Don't forget to check out our coilover install writeup. Here are listings for coilovers for the RX8:

Model Front # Rear # Adjustments Piston Notes
JIC FLT-A2 451 281 15 40/45 Available Now
HKS Hipermax II 450 280 30 ?? Available Now
Autoexe Coilover 393 168 46 ?? ETA Unknown
Tein Type Flex tbd tbd tbd tbd Tein - Soon
FEED Coilover - - - - ETA Unknown

Swankmonkey Racing RX8 on the racetrack, photo by

Here's some non-related stuff about the wheel sensors:

The first thing to address is the wheel sensors if you are thinking of changing the rims on this car:

From pgs 5-26 & 5-27 of the Owner's Manual:

"Each tire pressure sensor has a unique ID signal code. The signal code must be registered with the TPMS before it can work. The easiest way to do it is to have an Authorized Mazda Dealer change your tire and complete ID signal code registration."

"When changing tires yourself

If you or someone else changes tires, you or someone else can also undertake the steps for the TPMS to complete the ID signal code registration.

1. After tires have been changed, turn the ignition switch to the ON position, then turn it back to the ACC or LOCK position.

2. Wait for about 15 minutes.

3. After about 15 minutes, drive the vehicle at a speed of at least 20kph (12mph) for several minutes and the tire pressure sensor ID signal code will be registered automatically."

"If the vehicle is driven within about 15 minutes of changing tires, the [TPMS] warning light will flash because the sensor ID signal code would not have been registered. If this happens, park the vehicle for about 15 minutes, after which the sensor ID signal code will register upon driving the vehicle for several minutes."

"When replacing/repairing the tires or wheels or both, have the work done by an Authorized Mazda Dealer, or the tire pressure sensors may be damaged."

"The wheels equipped on your Mazda are specially designed for installation of the tire pressure sensors. Do not use non-genuine wheels, otherwise it may not be possible to install the tire pressure sensors."

"When having a tire or wheel or both replaced, the following types of tire pressure sensor installation are possible.

--The tire pressure sensor is removed from the old wheel and installed to the new one.

--The same tire pressure sensor is used with the same wheel. Only the tire is replaced.

--A new tire pressure sensor is installed to a new wheel."

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