VW Xenon HID Adjustment Procedure

How to adjust your Xenon HID lights on a VW.
In this example, we adjust our 2006 VW Jetta GLI, but the procedure should be the same for GTI and other VW models. There is also a problem that we found after lowering car. We'll also go over the troubleshooting steps to fix the leveling.

The basic procedures are outlined here on the Ross-Tech website. Well, these are not enough if you have a problem adjusting your xenon lights up or down. After lowering our car, it generated a soft code in the xenon range controller:

VAG-COM Version: Release 512.1-UD

Control Module Part Number: 1T0 907 357
Component and/or Version: Dynamische LWR 0003
Software Coding: 0000003
Work Shop Code: WSC 00066
1 Fault Found:
01539 - Headlights Not Adjusted

005 - No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation

When this code is set, the adjustment procedure can not be accomplished. The first thing tried was bending up the brackets for the HID self-levelers. This didnt seem to help. The after some research we found out how to read the values of the levelers using a can-bus vag-com. You read measuring blocks here:

55 [Xenon Controller] -> 08 Measuring Block --> 002. The first two block will be the front and rear sensor values. If you mouse over the boxes, you will see the operating range. Mine read front: 37.6%, that was ok! The rear then read 18.8%.... woah, that's way off. I then jacked up the rear of the car and the value barely changed. So something was off. I crawled under the car and examined the HID Leveler. I was going to move the arm up and down a little and look for the changes on the vag-com.... pop! The "joint" moved from one side to the other. Here's a picture that explains it:

Xenon/HID Adjuster

Some people have reported this problem after lowering. This was our example of what went wrong. After moving the elbow to the proper side the values jumped into spec. There has been some confusion here, so I'll add a few things:

1. Lowered cars do not need to have the adjustment done.
2. If there are alignment problems, there is something else wrong. Or the lights were previously mis-adjusted.

I could reset my lights using the procedure is what I did state before. It was stated to verify that the procedure works on a MKV Jetta/GTI with Bi-xenon lights. You should never have to do this procedure!

Hope this helps some of you out there!

Here's another version of the pic from another user:

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