ATP 3" Downpipe - VW GTI 1.8T

ATP 3" Downpipe - VW GTI 1.8T

Shown here is the 3" downpipe with the Race Section that replaces the cat. **for off-road use only**

ATP 3 inch Downpipe
The ATP 3" Downpipe is a must have addition to the 1.8T engine. Dyno proven by the manufacturer for about 15 more HP, this should be done at the same time as chipping! Here we see a comparison between the stock section and the ATP downpipe section

Stock vs ATP 3 inch downpipe

The stock section takes a few bends and is so small compared to the ATP product. You can hear the turbo "whine" a bit more with this upgrade, but most of us LIKE that sound!. Also, the car is crazy with just the race section, but initial average slow launches suffer a bit. To stay legal, get the 3" Hi-flow cat section. It's only marginally slower than with the race section, but low end "idle" torque is way up!

Also EGT's are under control with this mod! The 3" DP + race section results in a peak of about 250 degrees less EGT's, and the 3" DP + 3" cat section results in a peak of about 200 less off the chart for peak temps.

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