Audi goes for TDI with Bluetec


29 November 2006 - INGOLSTADT, Germany - In order to increase the popularity of the diesel engine even further in the USA, Audi will back Clean Diesel under the name of Bluetec together with Volkswagen and DaimlerChrysler. By means of this joint campaign, the three car manufacturers intend to demonstrate the benefits of modern diesel technology to consumers in the USA. In addition to outstanding pulling power, the benefits also include low fuel consumption. In view of the good ecological balance on long journeys in particular, Audi is convinced that the effective and economical diesel models are the best option by far.

The Audi diesel models will comply with the most stringent US emissions standards when they are launched in 2008, meaning that they can be marketed in all US states. To achieve this, Audi is using its very own emissions control technology. The individual Audi models will continue to be known as TDI models.

Audi is acknowledged as the pioneer of diesel direct injection, a technology now used by virtually every manufacturer. The first Audi with TDI technology was launched as long ago as 1989. The abbreviation TDI has become a synonym for economy and driving fun.

Audi is currently causing a stir in the USA with the R10 racing car. This car, powered by a 12-cylinder TDI engine, won the American Le Mans Series before the final race, recording seven victories in seven starts. The R10 also took the chequered flag in the 2006 Le Mans 24 Hours. These motorsport successes have attracted great attention in the USA in particular

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