Christening at Wörthersee: Race Scirocco now called GT24

VW GT24 Scirocco

We love the looks of this car. Let's hope that at least a de-tuned version comes to the USA in the future. Wait, maybe we'll get a new notchback.... ok, we can keep dreaming of a brand new Scirocco here, can't we?

Wolfsburg (23 May 2008): World premiere at Wörthersee: Volkswagen unveiled the “Scirocco GT24”, the 325 hp race version of the new Scirocco in a special design, at the legendary GTI meet in Austria on Thursday. The two-door Coupé makes its race debut only two days later in the 24-hour race around Nürburgring. “This car doesn’t even have to move to look quick. The blue-white coloured Scirocco GT24 sits so deep in its widened wheel arches that not even a finger fits between the arch and the tyre. However, from every angle the race version remains unmistakably a Scirocco,” says Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Board of Management of the Volkswagen Brand with responsibility for Development, who sits at the wheel himself uring the motorsport marathon in the Eifel. Both Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen and Volkswagen Motorsport Representative Hans-Joachim Stuck who were at the Wörthersee were impressed by the response from the visitors: “The enthusiasm for the new Scirocco is enormous – at the Wörthersee and also the Nürburgring. We are proud to be able to demonstrate this wonderful Coupé in race action before its market launch.”

Adenauer Racing Day
Enthusiastic welcome for the new Scirocco at the "Ring” Wolfsburg (23 May 2008) 15,000 enthusiastic fans welcomed the Volkswagen team to the "Ring” on Thursday evening. The Scirocco drivers appeared at the traditional Adenauer Racing Day, handed out over 1,000 flags and signed hundreds and hundreds of autographs on large format Scirocco posters among the fans. "A unique atmosphere. We drove the new Scirocco through a row upon row of fans - a fantastic feeling,” said Volkswagen factory driver Dieter Depping excitedly. Volkswagen junior Jimmy Johansson was also astonished: "I´ve never experienced such an incredible atmosphere - even at a race. The fans in the Eifel are just as unique as the Nordschleife,” says the 23-year old Swede.

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