DIY DSG Fill Tool - VW VAS6262

DIY – Making your own VAS6262

By Zack Stewart

1. Go to your local Audi or VW dealer and order a new DSG Fill plug.

Item # 15 Part# N 902 154 04

2. Then put the plug into a good set of Vise grips and drill a hole in it, and then Tap it with what ever thread size you wish to use. In my case I went with 3/8” pipe thread because I has a 3/8” pipe thread nipple to already in my spare plumbing parts bin.

3. Screw the nipple into the plug and screw the other side of the nipple into the tubing.

4. Go buy

  • 6ft of clear vinyl hose 3/8” ID
  • 2x) 3/8” barb – 1/2” pip thread fitting
  • 1/2” – 1/2” pipe thread shut off valve
  • 3/8” barb – 1/4” barb fitting
  • Small hose clamp

5. I used an cap from an empty Mobil 1 quart of oil, it fits the DSG fluid bottle perfectly. Then drilled a 1/4” hole in the top. Then I trimmed the unneeded barbs off of the 3/8” – 1/4” fitting so that all the fluid will drain from the DSG fluid bottle.

6. Next glue the barbed fitting to the Cap. I used an quick drying epoxy.

7. Then screw each 3/8” barb – 1/2” pipe thread fitting into each end of the shutoff valve. Trim approx. 1 ½" piece of the tubing off. Assemble the pieces as show below, and your finished product should look like this.

Here is a picture of an actual VAS6262 for comparison.

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