Intercooler Mister - VW 2000 GTI 1.8T

Intercooler Mister - VW 2000 GTI 1.8T

Living in Las Vegas means one thing when the sun is out... hot 100°+ days. Cars struggle in this heat, many burst radiator lines, and others just lose power with the increase in heat. I was desperately looking for a helping hand with my 1.8T engine this summer, and I stumbled upon the Autospeed Intelligent Intercooloer Water Spray Controller Module. After some research I came up with all the necessary items to put this electronic marvel together and make it work.

The Autospeed Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray Control Module works off a combination of events that trigger power to a separate water pump. The first of these inputs are two temperature sending units that monitor ambient and intercooler temperature. There are adjustments to fine tune an event based on temperature differences between these two sensors. The second input is a reading off of a fuel injector. The unit is also adjustable, but will only trigger an event when a certain amount of fuel is being dumped into the engine. When both of these inputs are triggered, the pump goes of for a time period based on input from the sensors. Usually this means that during the time you are at WOT, the pump will spray water onto the intercooler. When you shift and get on the throttle again, the unit is intelligent enough to keep the spray going. So when you WOT in the next gear, your intake temps are MUCH cooler than what they would be without a mister!

The plumbing took some trial and error to get perfect. I'll start with the basics:

  • Washer pump, universal
  • Several feet of 1/4" tubing
  • Spray nozzle with a "crack valve"

Unfortunately, it took me a while to get to the final product. I started with some Arizona Mister sprinkler heads, that tapped into the 1/4 hosing very easily. A few 1/4" connectors, zip ties, and an aquarium check valve got me into business. I also mounted the ambient temp sensor in the grill piece, hence the wires in the picture below:

intercooler misting system

During my first heavy trial run, I broke the aquarium check valve, so water was leaking when I parked the car. Fortunately I had a spare, but inevitable doom would have a short life for the second valve.

Labtronics Intelligent Intercooler Misting System

With a minor leak I decided to contact a real valve supply place for a better solution than the sprinkler ends. I came across a company (who wants to remain anonymous until they get a kit together) that was extremely knowledgeable, and knew exactly what I was doing. They came up with a completed unit. This unit had a fitting, the crack valve, and the nozzle all in one, and had a very large 3/8" hose inlet. Here it is side by side with the original spray head:

So after putting this in place, it does not leak, and sprays just as fine a mist as the other one, but flows more volume in a better pattern.

Here's some charts of some basic driving with the first nozzle. The results would be
MUCH better based on wot runs through all the gears, but it gives you an
idea. This is with ONE very small nozzle.
All done at about 95° and with the 1.3 bar GIAC Chip

You'll see lower temps and not as drastic spikes with the mister!

Overall, if you drive in hot and dry climates, and intercooler mister system such as this will ensure that you can keep intake temps under control, and keep them under control automatically!

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