Motion Sensor Install - VW GTI 1.8T

Motion Sensor Install - VW GTI 1.8T

This faq will document how to install a "radar" type motion sensor to the factory alarm on the MKIV VW's, this should cover GTI/golf/jetta/new beetle. The sensor uses radar to detect movement within the vehicle. A standard shock sensor can be added to the trigger too.


Torx T-20 screwdriver

A few wire jumper connectors to tap into the wires.

DEI dual stage radar sensor (since DEI makes about 90%+ of alarm equipment, any store should carry this.

Remove the lower factory plastic pieces under the steering wheel. There are two parts on the lower part of the dash that are held in with the Torx screws. Remove all the screws and if you pry gently, you will see how they are removed. You will see a steel plate that can be removed after this. Once this is removed, you have access to the entire lower area.

Locate the Comfort Control Module. It has the yellow and blue connectors at the top of the picture.

We will be tapping off the yellow connector for the harness that comes with the sensor. It's on the left in the picture below:

There is a brown/red wire that is on the top right of the connector. This is the trigger wire. Attach the trigger wires (blue and green) from the sensor here using a wire tap.

On the bottom left is another wire, I tapped here for constant power (use a tester to double check!)

Grounds are very common on this car, you will have no problems finding one.

Remove the shift boot by pushing in on the rear of the base. It should pop right up. Run the wires that came with the sensor here. Push the gear selector forward and out of the way.
Here you can see the sensor and where it fits perfectly!

Just plug the wire in and you can adjust the sensitivity now. After you are done, just use some 3M double stick tape to secure the new sensor!

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