NAIAS Detroit 2007 - Volkswagen Continues BlueTec Offensive

Previous reports showed the new 2008 Volkswagen diesels as not having BlueTec Urea injection. Now, this press release from VW hints that it will be on all the new diesel engines for 2008. I'm confused, how about you? Where's the bathroom at, I need to stockpile, just in case.

08 January 2007 - WOLFSBURG/DETROIT - Volkswagen is presenting the Concept Tiguan SUV study at the North American International Auto Show. In the first half of next year the series version of the “Touareg’s little brother” will be debuting in the US.

The Tiguan is being advanced as a significant component in Volkswagen’s model range in order to expand the market position in the US. Moreover, Volkswagen expects additional US growth starting in 2008 from the market launch of the cleanest TDI of all times. The introduction of the Turbodiesel direct injection engine equipped with a NOx secondary treatment system is taking place as part of the BLUETEC offensive in the latest Jetta – the most successful car in America from a German manufacturer.

European injection technologies are increasingly convincing US customers: In 2006 Volkswagen of America had sales 4.9 percent above the previous year. This corresponds to 235,140 vehicles sold in the US. The positive signs for 2007 include the Eos being offered for the first time over an entire year and the new generation of the Touareg. Both models will contribute toward strengthening the market success in North America. In addition to the top-selling Jetta and Passat, icons such as the New Beetle and the Golf GTI, just named "The 2007 Car of the Year", are also continuing to sustain the friendly and successful image of the Volkswagen brand in the US.

Concept Tiguan: the Touareg’s little brother

The Concept Tiguan, considered a star of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS, January 7–21), is an SUV, an extremely versatile companion that can be used on all routes, terrains and situations. The series version of the Concept Tiguan will be available worldwide with both front and four-wheel drive. Its design currently builds a bridge to the bigger Touareg. Klaus Bischoff, head of the Volkswagen Design Center in Wolfsburg: "It was of great importance to us that the SUV study look strong. Muscular. This was a greater priority for us above all else." Bischoff continues: "An off-roader needs a long engine hood and an upright stature. This gives the vehicle assertiveness and strength."

And the results show: The Concept Tiguan comes across as high class and mature. Indeed, it transfers the idea of the Touareg as the superior SUV for traveling and off road into a different class. The Concept Tiguan also doesn’t stop where normal trails end. However, this talent doesn’t sell itself via uncouth manners on the road, but instead by mastering the ride through both worlds – the paved one and the one of natural trails.

BLUETEC Alliance: Diesel offensive of German car manufacturers

The SUV concept car unveiled in Detroit is powered by a newly developed "Clean TDI" – a next generation diesel engine. The reason for this is that Volkswagen will be employing a modular concept of different systems in the diesel engines of the future in order to once more significantly reduce emissions. For instance, one of these drive systems uses a NOx storage catalytic converter, attaining a reduction of NOx emissions of over 90 percent for the overall system.

The "Clean TDI" introduced in the Concept Tiguan is also one of the first components of the BLUETEC offensive initiated by Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. The goal of this partnership is to establish the concept of BLUETEC as a uniform label for clean and low consumption cars and SUVs with diesel engines. BLUETEC specifies diesel drives that comply with even the strictest of emission regulations in the US market.

Jetta TDI: first BLUETEC series vehicle from Volkswagen

Volkswagen is therefore presenting the Concept Tiguan’s "Clean TDI" in the Jetta concurrent to the NAIAS. The first test drives have already proven the potential of the cleanest TDI of all times, whose secondary treatment of emissions have in particular dramatically reduced nitrogen oxides. As the drive in the Jetta the new common rail diesel with 2.0 liter capacity, 103 kW / 140 hp performance and NOx storage catalytic converter complies with "Tier 2/Bin 5" limits – the strictest standard in the world currently in effect in the US states of California, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and Maine. The initial use of the "Clean TDI" with NOx secondary treatment will take place in the US during 2008.

Furthermore, for the bigger and heavier models (starting with the Passat) the company will be employing SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) as part of the BLUETEC offensive. With over 800,000 TDI cars sold to date Volkswagen is considered the diesel pioneer par excellence.

Source: Volkswagen

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