Badgeless Grill Installation - VW 2005 Passat TDi Turbo Diesel 2.0

I bought a Mattig badgeless grill online from It arrived much sooner than expected, so here's a writeup on the install. is who has 'em and he posts up deal on all the time!

stock passat grille

Here is a picture of the stock grill with the huge vw logo on it.

Remove the two top screws that secure the top of the grill in place.

Undo the clip for the hood release. There is a metal clip on it that needs to be rotated up, and the you put a screwdriver in the middle of the plastic to separate the sides. Once the ends clear the metal pins, it will slide right out.

Don't forget this plastic guide piece for the hood latch. It just pops out and will need to be inserted into the new grill.

Well, all you have to do now is lift out the old grill. Just pull straight up, and it will come out. Installation of the new grill is just the reverse. The only hard part is getting the hood latch back on. Make sure you have patience and a good screwdriver to spread the ends to get over the pins.

Here's the new grill without the big vw logo on my 2005 Passat Variant. The look is very clean. Overall it took about 1/2 hour to do this, but most of the time was fumbling with the hood latch to get it back on the pins!

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