Revo Technik Software Now Available for the Latest TSi and TFSi engines

Revo Technik is proud to announce that it is the first company worldwide to offer OBD port flashed and switchable performance software for the MED17 engine control units in the new VAG model range. This is the latest generation of Engine Control Units from Bosch for Direct Injection petrol engines. These ECUs use the more advanced TriCore processor from Infineon. MED17 is a new architecture, and the latest in technology.

Revo Technik has been working with MED17 for over a year now and everyone at Revo Technik is thrilled with the results from the fine tuning of their 1.4TSi (140 bhp) turbocharged and supercharged VW Golf and 1.8TFSi turbocharged Audi A3 that has been completed over recent months.


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