2008 VW Jetta TDI, finally, no more rumors!

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Volkswagen 2008 Concept TDI

Finally, the first offical word in a press release from VW on the new TDI in the Jetta platform. Everything has been speculation or quotes from "insiders" that could never be verified by more than one person.

NAIAS Detroit 2007 - Volkswagen Continues BlueTec Offensive

Previous reports showed the new 2008 Volkswagen diesels as not having BlueTec Urea injection. Now, this press release from VW hints that it will be on all the new diesel engines for 2008. I'm confused, how about you? Where's the bathroom at, I need to stockpile, just in case.

08 January 2007 - WOLFSBURG/DETROIT - Volkswagen is presenting the Concept Tiguan SUV study at the North American International Auto Show. In the first half of next year the series version of the “Touareg’s little brother” will be debuting in the US.

The Tiguan is being advanced as a significant component in Volkswagen’s model range in order to expand the market position in the US. Moreover, Volkswagen expects additional US growth starting in 2008 from the market launch of the cleanest TDI of all times. The introduction of the Turbodiesel direct injection engine equipped with a NOx secondary treatment system is taking place as part of the BLUETEC offensive in the latest Jetta – the most successful car in America from a German manufacturer.

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VW releases more press information on the upcoming MY 2008 New Jetta with a 2.0L Common Rail diesel engine. This article hints at BlueTec introduction immediately, which contradicts early info where BlueTec was reported as not showing up on the first CR TDI's.

Volkswagen 2008 Concept TDI

04 January 2007 - A VW Jetta TDI fulfills the most stringent worldwide exhaust gas thresholds with its nitrogen oxide post-treatment system developed by Volkswagen. The USA market launch within the BlueTec alliance is planned for 2008

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VW Outlines the Future of Fuels, TDI, Bluetech, Fuel Cells and more

SunFuel® Volkswagen New Beetle

Volkswagen outlines the future of fuels for today, tomorrow and well beyond. A very good read on how Diesel technology is here today, and the fuels that may shape the future! Fuel cells in 2009 and mass production in 2020!


The roadmap to an epoch free of oil

Wolfsburg - Volkswagen’s engine strategy integrates highly innovative technologies on the way via the fuel cell to pure electrical traction.

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Touareg V6 TDI in a Severe Test as a Service Vehicle in the Dakar Rally


Touareg Dakar Service Vehicle

The new Touareg is ready and able for the Dakar adventure

The Dakar Rally 2007 starts on 6th January in Lisbon

9 December 2006 - Wolfsburg - The Dakar Rally 2007 begins in 18 days. Five Race-Touareg 2s are involved as favorites and several new Touareg V6 TDIs as service vehicles. This will be a last trial before the second generation of the globally successful off-roader is delivered to the first customer at the beginning of 2007. The opinion of off-road experts: cars that can survive such a 9,000 kilometer desert adventure as the Dakar Rally can withstand anything.

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New Midsized Diesel SUVs planned for the USA Market

New Midsized Diesel SUVs planned for the USA Market

The USA market is poised for the introduction of two new midsized diesel SUV's. Two new possible entries into the market from Volkswagen and Audi look promising. 2007? 2008? Later?

Audi USA will introduce to market a TDI in the Q7 model sometime in 2008. This TDI engine will be a mid-sized 3.0L engine that shows that Audi is not only committed to the USA market, but also shows strong technology as a consumer diesel engine manufacturer. If the USA version is anything close to the 3.0 TDI offerings across the pond, we can expect to see a potent 3.0 V6 TDI engine that delivers 233 HP and 368 lb-ft of neck snapping torque. A premium for this vehicle can be expected and we will share more information as it becomes available.

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World premiere in Los Angeles: Volkswagen presents study of the new Tiguan

Volkswagen Concept Tiguan

29 November 2006 - LOS ANGELES, Calif.-

The countdown for the Tiguan has begun: Volkswagen will bring the “small Touareg” to market at the end of next year – a SUV, a highly variable companion for use on all routes, terrains and in all situations. Some initial signs of just how this Volkswagen – with all-wheel drive in most versions – might appear were offered in early 2006 with the Concept A presented in Berlin. Front grille, headlamps, engine hood, front fenders and wheel arches gave flashing glimpses of the Tiguan and showed where the journey is headed. Now this journey will be continued in Los Angeles: That is because with the exceptionally early world premiere of the Concept Tiguan at the LA Auto Show Volkswagen is now offering another preview of the sport utility vehicle that will arrive at its first customers within twelve months.

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Audi goes for TDI with Bluetec


29 November 2006 - INGOLSTADT, Germany - In order to increase the popularity of the diesel engine even further in the USA, Audi will back Clean Diesel under the name of Bluetec together with Volkswagen and DaimlerChrysler. By means of this joint campaign, the three car manufacturers intend to demonstrate the benefits of modern diesel technology to consumers in the USA. In addition to outstanding pulling power, the benefits also include low fuel consumption. In view of the good ecological balance on long journeys in particular, Audi is convinced that the effective and economical diesel models are the best option by far.

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Touareg tows Boeing 747

VW Touareg tows Boeing 747

TDI power: A Touareg V10 TDI takes a 155-ton jet along for a ride

WOLFSBURG, Germany - “Wanna bet that a Touareg V10 TDI can tow a Boeing 747?” “A 155-ton jet?” “Never!” “Sure it can!” This verbal exchange by two Volkswagen employees had consequences: A few months later, on Thursday this week, a Volkswagen crew did indeed hook up a new generation Touareg V10 TDI to a 747.

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2008 VW Diesel News

What is happening to the VW TDi's that are available in the USA? They are going away, but what does the future hold?

New emissions regulations called Tier II Bin 5, combined with new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel delays, have put a halt to any announcements or hopes for a 2007 VW equipped with a diesel engine. Green Car Congress states, Tier 2 Bin 5 is the “50-state diesel” standard—matching California requirements—for light duty vehicles. Part of the problem here has been the high sulfur content in our fuels, and the distribution of the new and much cleaner ULSD diesel. VW has "dubbed" the last of the PD diesels here with a special "Diesel Edition" that will be a late model year 2006 VW.

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