Suspension Installation - VW MKV GTI / Jetta GLI GTI Rabbit 2.0T FSI

How to change the suspension on a 2006/2007 MKV GTI or Jetta GLI.

The procedures outlined should be the same for GTI, Golf, and Rabbit on the same platform, but for this writeup, we used a 2006 GLI.

In this example, we installed Neuspeed springs on the stock GLI shocks. Most people will want to change out the struts and shocks, but overall, the ride is not bad with this setup. Ooops, we spoke too soon, several weeks later, and it's starting to bounce over the little bumps! Ultimately, you should contact the spring manufacturer to help decide whether you need to replace the shocks with their spring kit.

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Suspension - H&R Cup Kit - VW GTI 1.8T

Suspension - H&R Cup Kit - VW GTI 1.8T

The H&R Cup Kit is a set of lowering springs that are between sport and race settings, and a set of struts/shocks matched to the springs. Due to demand and effectiveness of the kit, the cost is actually not that bad! You can find the kit at most retailers for about $575.

Aggressive looks even on the stock rims and tires!

A cup strut ready to go in. Here, the upper rubber was replaced with the VW Motorsport supports (manufactured by Bilstein, in the red box)

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JIC Coilover install on 2004 Mazda RX8 - How to - FAQ

How to install coilover suspension on your Mazda RX8, JIC coilovers in this example-

We hooked up with a pre-order of JIC coilovers so we are one of the first to install before the rest of the retail market on our RX8. The box arrived on 11/21/2003 from Brian at Good-Win Racing:

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