Turbo timer installation - 2002 Subaru WRX

Directions for wiring turbo timer to work with your stock Subaru Impreza WRX alarm/remote. This FAQ is derived from installing a turbo timer into a USA spec 2002 Subaru WRX. Use this faq at your own risk. No guarantees are given or implied, all standard disclaimers.... If you don't know what you are doing, take this to a professional!


  • A few wire taps, (Calterm p/n 69360 found at checker/shucks/kragen)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Solder and a soldering iron
  • a few inches of rubber hose (to tap the FPR line)
  • 5 or so feet 16 gauge wire
  • In this example, we used a Blitz Dual Turbo Timer, DC Version purchased from Alamo Motorsports, but Options Auto Salon has better prices and harnesses.

Blitz Dual Turbo Timer - DC Version


  1. Remove the lower dash panel, two screws below and one plastic screw on the left side panel. Pull from the bottom to loosen and the pull the top parts
    straight out. Rest panel on floor.

  2. Look for the blue connector for the ignition wires. Looking in with the
    tab on the left, the wires are as follows:

    Top Right - 12 +

    Bottom Right - Accessory

    Bottom Left - Ignition
    Ignition connector at the base of the steering column

    You can either connect the harness, or splice into the factory wires if you did not get a harness. Only attach the 12+ and the Ignition wire, do not attach the accessory wire to the turbo timer.

  3. The accessory wire at the ignition juction must be tapped and a length of wire must be run to the alarm module located above the fuse panel. Look directly above the fuse panel and you will see it. Remove the connector and look for a dark green wire with a black strip (there are two green/black wires, make sure it's the darkest green of the two). Cut the wire and attach the length of wire to the module side. Tape off the extra green/black wire.
  4. Another juction must be made from the accessory wire from the ignition harness. This must go to the other alarm module located in the center console.
  5. Remove the plastic piece that surrounds the parking brake (piece where the mirror controls are). Pull up from the back, it's just a snap in piece.
  6. There is a grey wire that goes to the sensor module. You must cut this wire and splice the accy wire on the module side. Tape the extra grey wire to the side. This splice will allow the alarm to be set while the TT is counting down.
  7. Ground the TT, and then mount the remote panel.
  8. Test it out and then put the car back together and have fun.

    editor note: add pink wire hookup info for parking brake later

    Boost Gauge Hookup

    • Look at the firewall from the engine compartment on the passenger side. Look low and you will see a grommet that will let you in near the passengers feet.
    • Run the hose from the gauge through this grommet and remount the grommet in the firewall.
    • Use some silicone adhesive to seal gaps in the grommet, otherwise rain can get in and get your feet all wet!
    • Set the hose aside
    • On the passenger's side of the front intake runner, there is a vacuum hose that runs to the FPR (fuel pressure regulator). Look under the steering pump and you will see a 2" hose! We'll tap this hose to get boost/vacuum to the gauge.
    • Remove the hose and prepare some lengths of hose. The TT fitting will not fit in there, so you have to use some longer pieces of hose. Use some lengths, about 3-4" each to find the right size.
    • Assemble, and use zip ties to secure each end (like a clamp) and trim the excess piece off.
    • Double check all your fittings, then start the car.
    • Listen/check for leaks. You won't get a boost reading unless you are driving the car under boost. Revving while stopped will not create positive boost to check for leaks!

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